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Collective Arts – Juniper and Lemon Cider [Elgin Beer Project – Ottawa]

Collective Arts – Juniper and Lemon Cider [Elgin Beer Project – Ottawa]

Sampled August 2017

We have become regulars at Elgin Beer Project. One thing we love about EBP is that they have a constantly changing menu that is always introducing new things and rotating their taps. One of the most recent additions to their menu is Collective Arts‘ Juniper and Lemon Cider – available in large, 650mL bottles. Once we got word that this cider was available- before it was even printed on their menu – we were at the venue to get a taste.

Just like the beers they make, Collective Arts is always trying new flavours and styles. Juniper, a flavour not commonly featured in cider, is a prime example of this. At 5.6%, it is a pale canary yellow hue and it appears almost still – with a lot of carbonation when poured, which dissipates quickly. With a medium smell, it is a standard apple cider aroma with a rustic twist – and hints of lemon and must.

There is a medium bite to the cider in the initial sip- with a fizzy taste and sensation. Juniper flavours are quickly noticeable, partially bitter in nature from the pine notes; with lemon peel coming in as the secondary flavour. After a few moments into the aftertaste, the juniper becomes smoother and more floral in nature. Apple flavours make an appearance here, with the lemon notes becoming more of the peel and earthy. With a club-soda like finish, it has a short but sweet flavour journey.

We found this Juniper and Lemon cider to be slightly similar to the original Local Press apple cider from Collective Arts, in composure and feel. It is a smooth, more flat-bodied cider that does not have a lot of depth but it does have a lot of unique flavours. It’s not a sweet cider overall, but it does have some sweet undertones. The piney and floral flavours from the Juniper are the strongest takeaways from drinking this cider – with it almost making it taste hoppy without it being hopped. We did notice that the overall flavour does enhance the more you consume, so bottoms up, good thing it came in such a large bottle!

We applaud this Collective Arts’ creative cider concept – as their beers are incredibly daring and unique creations themselves. We look forward to see what ideas they come up with next and we do hope they make an appearance at Elgin Beer Project if and when so!

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