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Flying Canoe – Hard Cider [Crust & Crate]

Flying Canoe – Hard Cider [Crust & Crate]

Bar Review: Flying Canoe – Hard Cider @ Crust & Crate in Ottawa, ON
October 2016

cubnvxau8aadofjOne of the most surprising places in Ottawa to find Ontario Craft Cider is at The Crust and Crate – a pizzeria located in the Lansdowne entertainment area. This upscale, modern restaurant is a place that will make you instantly hungry from the sights and smells of gourmet pies and we fully regret eating before heading to this spot for a drink. We were very intrigued by The Crust and Crate after reading in the Ottawa Citizen that they were one of the first locales in the city to feature Flying Canoe Cider – a recently launched Ontario Craft Cider and the first craft cider in the city of Ottawa, Ontario.

At 5% abv, Flying Canoe Hard Cider is a pale yellow hue, with large, streaming carbonation bubbles. It is both musty and sweet smelling – with a medium aroma overall. Initially, this cider is very sweet to taste with a strong blend of various apple flavours. With a brief tingle on the pallet from the carbonation, it is also slightly tangy with notes of herbs and weirdly enough, watermelon-like notes detectable. Into the aftertaste, the slightly herby-taste remains – almost reminding us of a mild basil flavour. The sweet flavours and sensatioflyingcanoe300n remains in the mouth for a long period – with a faint metallic flavour noticeable. This cider has a strong apple juice finish; along with notes of a crisp white wine (like a chardonnay).

Flying Canoe Cider is a very straightforward and enjoyable cider that will not disappoint local and distant cider fans alike. With a smooth flavour journey, it is quite crisp and refreshing – enjoyable in any season of the year. On ice, it remains mostly the same in composure and flavour – with the carbonation slightly pronounced on the pallet. Our only warning is that the cider does not taste very alcoholic at all, so please consume responsibly!

We look forward to what Flying Canoe Cider will do next as we expect it to grow into a formidable force in the Ontario Craft Cider scene; as well to especially help to boost and grow the somewhat smaller cider culture currently in Ottawa.

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