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Pommies Raspberry Mojito [B@The Muesum – Kitchener, ON]

Pommies Raspberry Mojito [B@The Muesum – Kitchener, ON]

Sampled: June 2016

Go down King Street in Downtown Kitchener, and you may miss the gem spot. B@ The Muesum is a tiny restaurant that hides in front of the large, looming ‘The Muesum’ in the city core. But miss this place at your own peril – featuring a premium brunch menu and a frequently rotating tap list, B@ adds a lot of flare and charm to the Downtown strip. Known for frequently carrying KW Craft Cider on the menu, it was a delightful surprise to see that Pommies was on tap one extremely sunny and beautiful afternoon.

First making an appearance for Ontario Craft Cider Week 2017, Pommies Raspberry Mojito Cider was a fan favourite amongst many who tried it. Excited we finally had the opportunity to try this cider, we headed down to The Muesum as soon as we saw it was available to taste. Served in a fun mason jar, this bright red cider features a mix of large and small bubbles. With a faint smell, mint is the most prevalent aroma – with hints of berries and rhubarb.

Initially, there is a sweet bite and a mild mint flavour. It becomes somewhat sour from the raspberries, making an appearance quickly. It becomes tangy moving into the aftertaste, with the mint flavour fading slightly, but remaining on the pallet. Flavours from a mix of apples develop here, with the raspberry flavour remaining – even becoming slightly candied. With semi-dry finish, we detected hints of honeydew melon notes at the end.

Pommies Raspberry Mojito is the perfect summertime drink – with its bright fruit flavours and it being very refreshing in the heat. It is light, crisp, and sweet but not overly sugary. We really appreciated that it did not compromise being a cider first, for the mojito ‘cocktail’ aspects – it was perfectly balanced overall.

Speaking with one of the founders of Pommies about this cider, they confirmed that this cider will be making appearances in the near future again, so don’t fear if you missed out the first time (or you want to drink it again like us). While it would be enjoyed anywhere,  we had such a lovely experience on the patio of B@; we would highly recommend this spot to watch all the exciting things that happen in Downtown Kitchener while sipping on this cider – or any of their rotating beverages!

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