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Revel Cider – Violent Delights [Brothers Beer Bistro – Ottawa]

Revel Cider – Violent Delights [Brothers Beer Bistro – Ottawa]

Sampled July 2017

Funny story about our trip to Brothers Beer Bistro to try Revel’s Violent Delights. We sat down at our table, and we’ve become such regulars here that Anthony, the bar manager, walks over with two glasses of Revel – knowing that’s what we came for, without even ordering. Brothers Beer Bistro has become a very dependable spot to grab a pint of Revel  – with Brothers regularly featuring many of their new and incredibly unique releases (that are updated regularly on untapped).

Violent Delights is quite the juxtaposition of a name. We suspect that it is derived from the popular HBO show, Westworld, where the quote, “These violent delights have violent ends” is commonly said; especially by protagonist Robert Ford, played by the brilliant Anthony Hopkins. However, it is also a well-known passage from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Regardless of the origin, there is nothing but delight when drinking this cider.

At 6.9%, Violent Delights is a deep ruby red colour that stands out. With small streaming bubbles, it has a bit of a foam head on the top when poured. This cider is mild smelling with hints of cherries and berries; as well as being slightly musty with the cliche Revel Cider aroma.

Initially, it has a mild bite from the carbonation. It is quickly sweet, with strong candied and tangy cherry flavours. Mild citrus notes develop to add a slight acidity. The cider becomes more sour and dry quickly; with vanilla and grapefruit notes coming through on the palate. The cider is very full-bodied; and overall a more sweet offering from Revel. With a slightly thicker consistency and some pucker, it reminded us a bit of a sour fruit beer without the wheat.

Maybe the red of the cider is to symbolize the blood lost in violent delights or maybe it’s a happy coincidence. Regardless, we enjoyed this cider greatly; especially as cherry ciders are harder to find due to typically smaller cherry yields and seasons.

Until next time Revel and Brothers Beer Bistro. Until next time.

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