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Revel Cider – Wild Honey Crisp [Baker Street Station]

Revel Cider – Wild Honey Crisp [Baker Street Station]

Bar Review: Revel Wild Honey Crisp @ Baker Street Station, Guelph, ON
March 2016

IMG_20160312_160839Well known in the college/university town of Guelph, in South Western Ontario, Baker Street Station is a charming multi-level food and drink experience.  It offers a great atmosphere, fantastic food options, a downtown view of the city and one of the only places in Guelph/SouthWestern Ontario to promote unique craft ciders.  Of course, this means supporting local and the award-winning Revel Cider while they celebrate one year as a brewer in March of 2016.

IMG_20160312_160901To celebrate this special anniversary, Revel is offering four unique special batch ciders at select locations across Ontario, in a series called ‘Revelations”. We got to have a pint of the selection being offered for week three, which was called Wild Honey Crisp.  A dry cider which features a light yellow and cloudy appearance, the Wild Honey Crisp has a medium smell of sweet apples.  At 6.5%, it is quite easy drinking and is unique for a cider – especially when you finally figure out what the one-of-a-kind ingredient is… PINEAPPLE! This ingredient adds a neat, almost candied pineapple taste that pulls the cider away from a more classic and traditional taste, but does not drag it to a commercial, sugary feel either.  Hints of honey in the aftertaste also grow the more your drink, but both honey and pineapple do not add excessive fruity flavour to the overall taste of the drink

IMG_20160312_160532It was only available for a short time, at $7.50 for a pint, but well worth it.


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