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Shiny Cider – Pinot Noir [Baker Street Station]

Shiny Cider – Pinot Noir [Baker Street Station]

Bar Review: Shiny Apple – Pinot Noir @ Baker Street Station, Guelph, ON
May 2016

Baker Street Station image2-(2)200is a two-story English pub-house located on as one could guess, Baker Street, in Guelph, Ontario. With a couple of hidden rooms, it is a winding restaurant with a beautiful balcony that wraps around the building and offers scenic views downtown. Baker Street offers traditional pub cuisine with modern twists – along with a considerable selection of rotating local craft beverages. Shiny Cider – a cidery from Niagara on the Lake, about an hour away from Guelph – is frequently featured as an option at Baker Street, so we were excited to finally try their famous ‘Pinot Noir’ cider, after being huge fans of their original blend for a while now.

This unique cider from Shiny – a cider crafted at Small Talk Vineyards – is like nothing else we have seen or tried. The only cider we have heard of that is blended with pinot noir, its composure is 80% cider and 20% wine, at a image3-400whopping 9% alcohol content. It has some carbonation, with mild foam, and it is a deep red colour. With a musty yet fruity smell, it is intriguing and unique before even tasting.

The initial taste of Shiny Apple Pinot Noir is a burst of strawberry and candied fruit flavours. It is mostly fruity, with minor sour and bitter notes emerging. It is very full-bodied and full-flavoured so it takes over the senses with sweet and vibrant flavours. After a few moments, different, more tart fruit flavours emerge – including plum, cherry and cranberry; with some red wine notes also appearing. The sweetness level remains fairly consistent throughout, providing for a very delightful drinking experience. The cider is dry but very refreshing, which we feel would go great for a sunset patio dinner.

This is one of the most unique Ontario Craft Ciders we have tasted thus far and now one of our all time favourite ciders to drink. Incredibly captivating and delicious, we have been craving it ever since. Shiny Apple Pinot Noir is as complex and high-caliber tasting as the name implies, and it won’t disappoint new and distinguished cider fans alike.


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