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Shiny Cider – Riesling [Baker Street Station]

Shiny Cider – Riesling [Baker Street Station]

Sampled September 2016

We have reviewed before at Baker Street Pub in Guelph, so there is not too much new to say other then it’s fantastic they always have two ciders on tap, which means it’s a great place to guarantee something unique and new.

Small Talk Shiny Riesling is a golden yellow, with a little bit of bubble and no foam shinyrawwhen poured.  A unique mix of cider and hints of wine.  It has a medium to strong smell of crisp apples.  The initial taste brings forth crisp extra clean apples, extra (Apple only) with a minimal carbonation.  As a cider infused with Riesling, the taste of Riesling wine shines through a bit more in the aftertaste (however it is not as obvious as the Pinot Noir or other wine-cider mixes).  You can also taste hints of toffee, apple and pear.

In ice, the mixture becomes smoother with an enhanced taste of a wine. Just be careful, it is extra smooth to drink and easily consumed.  Overall, its quite a light taste and would be great to pair with a food that matches a traditional white wine, but still works with a nice pub style burger and fries.

bakerIf you get the chance to try an infused cider from Shiny, the Riesling is a great choice.  Fortunately for those in Guelph, Baker Street has had this and a few others available now (on and off) for a few months.

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