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Twin Pines – Scrumpy [Her Fathers Cider Bar]

Twin Pines – Scrumpy [Her Fathers Cider Bar]

Bar Review: Twin Pines – Scrumpy @ Her Fathers Cider Bar and Kitchen, Toronto, ON
July 2016

HerFathersIt was with great excitement and honour that we finally got to go to the first bar in Canada devoted to Cider, Her Fathers Cider Bar and Kitchen located on Harbord Street in Toronto. To be overwhelmed by choice is an understatement here; there are at least a dozen draught taps, as well as an entire wall of fridges full of unique and rare varieties. With close to 100 varieties available, you are almost guaranteed the opportunity to try a new brew. Not only is the selection outstanding, the staff was incredibly welcoming and inviting in all our interactions with them. image1While we tried many ciders in our inaugural visit, one particular cider we were excited to try was the Twin Pines Scrumpy. This is a brand we have not had the fortune of trying yet, but have heard many good things and have seen the many awards they have won in recent years.

The Scrumpy is an English cider that can be sweet and/or dry, and it usually not carbonated. The Twin Pines Scrumpy is indeed true to its name, being quite still with no foam or carbonation obvious. At 6.4%, it is cloudy with a pale yellow colour to it. With musty aromas, it is also quite fruity smelling with hints of citrus notes obvious.

The initial taste of this scrumpy is very musty, with a burst of apple flavours coming about very quickly. It is somewhat sour and astringent, with citrus hints also image2being detected in the taste. There is a single tingle on the tongue but nothing overpowering to the senses. This changes quickly into the aftertaste, as the taste and feel become more flat and less sour, but more tart. Blackberry and black current flavours emerge shortly after, with more sweetness developing in the mouth. It is not a long lasting aftertaste, but it packs quite a punch of flavours for what is there in every sip. The scrumpy is mostly dry and oh so refreshing.

Overall, between this delicious inaugural tasting of the Twin Pines Brand and visiting Her Fathers cider bar, we couldn’t be happier at The Cider Crate. Looking forward to our next visit at this revolutionary cider bar and hoping we can get our hands on some bottled Twin Pines Cider very, very soon.

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