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West Avenue – Cherriosity [Beerocracy – Ottawa]

West Avenue – Cherriosity [Beerocracy – Ottawa]

Sampled April 2018

Back in Summer of 2017, on our first trip to Beerocracy on Somerset Street in Ottawa, we went specifically to get our hands on West Avenue’s Cherriosity Cider, as we heard it was available there through the grapevine. Unfortunately for us, it was sold out – they went through 3 cases in a few days. However, since then, we have been back may times and it has been available for us to enjoy on one of their two patios or inside.

Cherriosity is a ruby red-rose colour and is 6.5% abv.  It features small bubbles with minimum streaming – with a white foam that disappears quickly after pouring. There is a medium cherry smell and undertones of musty, somewhat sour, heritage apples.  Initially it is smooth with a minimal bite.  Musty – with some slight sour notes – it is mostly apple flavoured, with some candied cherry hints. There is also some acidity, bitterness and fermentation process flavours detectable. A tart cherry flavour comes through in the aftertaste, which builds over time and lingers. It is slightly syrupy with similar cherry notes to a maraschino or extra ripe dark cherry.  It has a long lasting, dry finish, with a bit tanginess and funk on the palate.

Overall it is a sophisticated cider that sways more to the wine side of tastes. The flavour journey is very full-bodied and it never lacks in consistency or taste – however, it is still mild enough for newer cider drinkers to enjoy and understand. Cherrisoity has been a staple cider for West Avenue for many years now and we hope it stays that way. It helps that they are close to the Niagara Region where these beautiful and delicious cherries grow.

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